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Personal Trainer Teneriffe

Work one-on-one with a dedicated personal trainer Teneriffe fitness buffs would trust. Functional Fitness offers excellent personal training Teneriffe health enthusiasts will truly appreciate. Our dedicated private trainers will guide you to exercise safely/effectively and reach your goals in a direct line. And the best part? We’re one of the newest studios for personal training in Teneriffe with brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment and a relaxed environment.

Our personal trainers will give you the knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of your body so you have an appreciation of our personal training programs. Teneriffe personal training has never been this personalised at Functional Fitness. Ring us up for the best personal trainer Teneriffe and surrounds can rely upon.

Private Trainer Teneriffe

Your search for the best private trainer Teneriffe has to offer ends with Functional Fitness PT. We specialise in tailored personalised health and wellness programs to suit your body type and health needs, from something as basic as your “Workout Music Menu” (because we all like a few breaths to get us through a training session!) to the advanced and detailed regimen to build up your strength and stamina. Our personal trainers are Brisbane’s best, catering to ALL fitness types and levels. So whether you are looking to get back into fitness, lose weight, gain muscle or prepare for a specific event, we can help you get there.

Why Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is unique in that it is a private boutique gym where you can do a workout in comfort or with one of our experienced private trainers. We cater to everyone’s needs, personalise every workout, and are private not like big commercialised gyms. We specialise in customized training plans for each individual. Not everyone is built the same or has the same goals. Here at Functional Fitness, we assess you on your abilities, your strengths, weaknesses, mental health, and roadblocks to guide you in reaching your goals and a better version of yourself.


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