Personal trainer Brisbane

Personal Trainer Brisbane

Functional Fitness PT

We have a knowledgeable & experienced personal trainer Brisbane has got to experience.
Our personal trainer specialises in tailored personalised programs to suit your body type
& health needs, from something as basic as your “Workout Music Menu” (because we all like
a few beats to get us through our personal fitness training session!) to advanced & detailed
regime of fitness training Brisbane has got to see—one that builds up your strength & stamina.
We have the best personal trainers catering to ALL fitness types & levels. It’s the finest fitness
training Brisbane has to offer. So if you are looking to get back into fitness, lose weight, gain
muscle or prepare for a specific event, we have that personal trainer Brisbane relies on to help
you achieve your health goals.

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Why functional Fitness

Fitness programs are personalised to your specific body type and health needs as recommended by the best personal trainers Brisbane has to offer.

Personal Training

If you’re new to fitness or don’t feel comfortable exercising in a big box gym, our functional fitness boutique personal training studio is for you!

Boutique Studio

Personal training studio with brand new equipment and relaxed environment with experienced trainers guiding your way to a healthy and fit you.

Evolt inbody scanner

New technology far better than the generic BMI device allows us to design a health and wellness program that’s unique and specific to every individual.


We’re not the type to brag about how we do well so we will let our regular patrons and satisfied clients do the talking.


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